There is a large number of technologies to be developed.  Countries and companies owning these technologies will be dominating in this industry and will be highly benefited from the technology development.

The industry will be a job generator because it has a large chain of associating businesses. This system needs corporation from all kind of businesses and needs all kind of labor forces and technical personnel.  Owning these businesses in a city and a country can create a large number of jobs, therefore, the development is highly beneficial for its economy.

It can help with the growth of steel and cementing industries. Light rail construction will need significant amount of steel and cement.

It encourages investments. Since the system is very likely to be profitable based on its applicability and convenience, the development may draw a large amount of investment from all kind of investors.

It can be highly economical because it will increase the total efficiency of the whole city or even the whole country.  Since the whole world is in need of such a system, countries owning the technologies should have the chance to be benefited by exporting related products.